Pac-Man Colour Changing Ghost Lamp

Pac-Man Colour Changing Ghost Lamp

There are many types of ghoulish ghosts in the world, from the friendlier sort (think Casper) to the not-so-friendly sort (think The Sixth Sense) – but none is quite as recognisable as the funky-looking ghost from the epic game of your youth, Pac-Man!

This beautifully made, original, and completely Licensed Pan-Man Ghost Lamp is the ideal gift for anyone who remembers (or still plays) Pac-Man….or for those who are afraid of the dark.

The Pac-Man Ghost Lamp is lightweight and made of a strong durable plastic. This lovely lamp is perfect for running around the house pretending to be the local haunt-mister – best of all, it won’t shatter into a million pieces if your ghostly business trips over the rug – meaning that you are safe from being turned into an actual ghost if you break it!

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