Whether you spent your youth running through the woods wielding well-shaped branches or sat slumped on the sofa playing ‘Call of Duty’ – you’ve probably always longed to own a gun. Not because you wanted to shoot people like a maniac; but because of their seductive aesthetics, their raw power, their lethal mystique. 

Now you can build your very own Paper Submachine Gun (a Heckler & Koch MP7A1 to be precise) with all the supreme detail of the real thing. Made from thick white die-cut card, this flat-packed firearm is not one for the impatient crafter, but the finished product is a sight to behold. 

No more miming, this lightweight weapon actually features an extendible stock, a removable clip and a folding front grip. Best of all it’s completely harmless…unless you manage to mortally wound someone with a paper cut.

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