If you’re weary of mercilessly killing plant after plant or you just want to be the best damn gardener there is – you need the Parrot Flower Power plant monitor. 

Pair this technology-packed twig to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the intuitive app provides you with a rich bounty of botanical data, as well as accurate tips for taking care of you plant. The real-time analysis tells you about the health of your plant and makes short-term predictions about the love and tenderness you need to lavish upon it. 

This green-fingered gadget accurately measures moisturetemperature,light and fertilizer levels. A visual diary on the app then shows you precisely what you have to do today and provides forecasts for the coming days (less sunlight and a little more watering for example). It’s like having your own highly-experienced gardener – who enjoys working long 24 hour days, and is happy to present you with colourful graphs and flowcharts so that you can see exactly how your beloved plants are getting on. 

The comprehensive app library contains over 7000 plants. So if you do find that it hasn’t got your particular shrub, we’d urge you to choose a suitable name and report your remarkable new discovery to the correct horticultural authorities.

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