Pero Dog Food Organic Adult

Pero Organic Dog Food with Fresh Organic Chicken Pero Organic Complete Dog Food is a natural and healthy alternative to other dog foods and made for adult dogs of all breeds; It provides all the essential nutrients for fitness and vitality throughout life. Made with the wholesome goodness of human grade organic ingredients including; fresh Organic chicken, organic honey and a selection of organic cereals, vegetables and Mediterranean herbs. Pero Organic Dog Food is both nutritious and great for your dog. The protein from Pero Organic Dog Food derives mainly from meat, fish and vegetables – to give your dog a nutritious and appetising food that is preserved using only natural ingredients and contains no genetically-modified organisms, artificial colours or added preservatives. Because Pero Organic Dog Food does not contain any of the ingredients which normally cause skin allergies or digestive disorders in dogs – such as wheat gluten – it is hypo-allergenic. Pero Organic is a complete dry food for adult dogs. No other food or supplements are necessary, but always have a clean, fresh supply of drinking water available


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