What’s the ultimate way to express your love for someone? A bunch of flowers? A card? Perhaps a Venn Diagram? Well in a move that’ll cause giddy squeaks across the web, we’re now able to offer just that. Connect yourself with the person of your dreams forever via the medium of mathematics with the Personalised Venn Diagram Print.

Never heard of a Venn Diagram? For the uninitiated, here’s how they work. Draw two circles that cross over. Write ‘Sheep’ in one, ‘Kangaroo’ in the other and in the space where they cross over write ‘Woolly jumper’. You’ve just created a Venn Diagram! The central space always represents a combination of both circles. Sounds complicated? They’re not at all. In fact they’ve been used by geeky internet types to explain all sorts, from Intelligent Design to RoboCop. Anyway, back to the Venn Diagram Print.

5 different colour-ways to choose from:

colour options

All you need is to add your nameyour loved one’s name and a word (or words) to go in the centre. Stuck for ideas? How about: ‘awesome’, ‘adventure’, ‘4EVA’, your children’s names, the place where you met, or simply ‘Love’? But don’t let us tell you, it’s your print so hit the Buy button and have a go yourself!

Available framed, unframed or on a soft cuddly cushion – you can forget soppy cards, skywriting, karaoke or ill-conceived tattoos; present your loved one with a Personalised Venn Diagram Print and they’ll be powerless to resist your sexy maths.

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