Personalized rolling pin

Personalized rolling pin

Alfred , Amalia , Ambrose, Antoni …

Whatever your name, we`ll engrave just for you *a personalized rolling pin! *

Yes ! Yes ! Finally you can sign your pastry in an original way !

Great idea for a personalized gift !

* You can also choose between the symbols : stars , hearts or mix ( for undecided :) *

Please, write me a note while placing the order with the name or custom text.

The pattern will of course slightly differ from the picture depending on length of name, and the usable rolling pin will be engraved with the pattern reflected vertically (so that it embosses perfectly on your pastry). If you’d like just decorative version like on the picture please send me a note while placing the order!

Those gorgeous rolling pins are made from beech, I treat them very gently with protective oil, but please have in mind that, being a natural material, it might present some small imperfections (changes in colour, small fissures etc). This however does not affect neither the quality of use nor the beauty of the rolling pin!

It imprinted perfectly on my cookies, though depending on the composition and colour of the dough you can get a more or less pronounced effect.

These wooden rolling pins are 42cm long, 6cm diameter.

I laser-engrave them with a high precision, and oil them by hand. *Everything is made locally with love here in Poland.* Obviously they are perfectly safe for use with food.

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