Pom Poms Set of 3 Pastels

Pom Poms Set of 3 Pastels

These joyful and beautiful Pom Poms are festive in themselves and whether you hang them up in the nursery, a corner of your home, at your wedding or at a party, these Paper Pom Poms will make everyone feel happy.

Perfect to create a WOW factor in a room or at a party, these Pom Poms are easy to put together and available in various colours to match the theme of your parties.

Styling tip:

Pom Poms are the best thing you can use to decorate your home or a party…

Aim to position them in clusters in a seemingly natural and “wild” sequence to achieve the best-looking result (think native flowers or floating balloons). You can also mix and match your Pom Poms with hanging paper lanterns of the same (or a similar colour). The results will be anything short of stunning.

For formal occasion such as weddings, white Pom Poms add an amazing chic and stylish decorative note while providing a celebratory atmosphere but most important – have fun with them!

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