R-Evolution Molecule-R Aromafork Cuisine Experience Kit (Trick Your Tastebuds!)

R-Evolution Molecule-R Aromafork Cuisine Experience Kit (Trick Your Tastebuds!)

When it comes to food, seeing is believing – unless you’re using R-Evolution’s Aromafork. When we tell people about this amazing new product the word that keeps cropping up is ‘witchcraft’ – though there’s real science behind it! The Aromafork has great fun with the fact that, while our taste buds can only recognise five primary tastes, our noses are much more sensitive and are capable of distinguishing between subtle flavours – and overriding the messages from our mouths! To test the theory, place one of the diffusing papers under the fork handle, fill a dropper with the aroma of your choice and place one or two drops onto the paper. Breathe out, then hold the fork close to your nose and inhale as you take a bite of food to experience… any flavour other than the one you were expecting!

Trick your mind by choosing unusual pairings – lemon with banana aroma is one of our favourites – and, once you’ve demonstrated to yourself and your friends that it works, move on to experiment with taste combinations from the expected potatoes with butter aroma to the more extreme – any takers for chocolate mousse with Wasabi aroma? And if you’ve exhausted all possible combinations (which should take a while, as there are 21 aromas to choose from), why not test your guests to see if any of you are a Supertaster or a Supersmeller – and maybe start someone off on a new career as a sommelier? We’re just about convinced it’s not sorcery – but we’re still pretty spellbound!

Kit comprises:

  • 4 stainless steel Aromaforks
  • 21 aromas (selected beans, fruits, herbs, nuts, spices and umami)
  • 4 droppers
  • 50 diffusing papers
  • Supertaster diagnostic test

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