By now, most of us have either dropped or seen someone else drop their precious iPhone. It’s not a pretty sight. So imagine the mental anguish of that soul-destroying moment, times it by at least 5000 and you’re getting somewhere close to how it feels to drop an iPad. It won’t just be your heart that breaks, and this is why you need to protect your screen with the trustyRhino Shield for iPad.

Made from an ingenious custom-formulated polymer, this slender screen saviour absorbs 5x the impact energy of the much-lauded Gorilla glass, keeping your screen safe from the most brutal of collisions. Pavement drops? Accidental hammer blows? No problem.

Rhino Shield is just 0.029cm thick so it doesn’t compromise on your touch-screen capability or Apple’s elegant aesthetics. Beautifully simple to apply too, just give your iPad a swift wipe down with the included cloth and then the self-adhesive silicone clings to the screen screen like magic – no sticky residue and no air bubbles.

This is not just another accessory, this is like having Superman himself sprawled across your cherished iPad, keeping it safe from danger. So slap one on and start protecting your screen today.

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