Roolen BREATH Cool Mist Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier

Roolen BREATH Cool Mist Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier

Trust “roolen ” to bring innovative products into your life
Our mission is to design unique and innovative products that the marketplace has never before seen. The design teams at roolen are dedicated to deliver the best engineered and designed products, that allow our customers a wonderful experience.
We are continuously thinking about new features to make your life easier with our innovative products. It is our commitment to you that we are dedicated to develop the best product available.

The Most Intelligent Humidifier
With our Auto mode feature, Breath automatically adjusts the device to a humidity level that best fit your surroundings. Making every single drop of water count. Breath does the work so you can focus on what is important to you.

3 Way Operation
Select the setting that best meets your needs. We designed Breath with 3 different settings for you to manage your environment. If you select the Low setting Breath will operate up to 24 hours. If your room is very dry, select the High mode and Breath will release 2 times more mist up to 12 hours. Select the AUTO mode and Breath will adjust itself to give you the precise humidity level for your room.

Small in Size, Big in Capacity
For effectively prolonging the time of humidification, roolen’s engineering team precisely designed the interior of breath, maximizing the water tank capacity to 3.15L. It needs just one touch and one filling of the tank for a longer and more comfortable living environment.

The Most Brilliant Operating System
On auto-mode, every drop of water is effectively used. Once humidity level is at its peak, Breath goes into sleep mode, saving unnecessary energy usage, and also saving you time to refill the tank.

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