Royal Canin Maxi Breed Light Dog Food

Royal Canin Maxi Breed Light Dog Food

With 30% less calories than regular dog food, this is the perfect feed for a dog that wants to loose a bit of weight, or is recovering from an injury which is preventing it from being active.

Everything about this food is aimed toward helping a dog stay healthy and not over eat. One of the biggest contributing factors is the food’s high L-carnitine content, which encourages the body to metabolise fat. On top of this, it also contains high levels of protein to help build up muscles and keep them lean, whilst maintaining good joint health.

Because of this dog foods nutritional attributes, it is best not to feed it to young dogs under the age of 15 months, as they require fat to help their bodies grow.  


  • Maize
  • Dehydrated poultry protein
  • Barley
  • Vegetable fibres
  • Maize gluten
  • Vegetable protein isolate
  • Animal fats
  • Hydrolysed animal proteins
  • Beet pulp
  • Minerals
  • Fish oil
  • Yeasts
  • Fructo-oligo-saccharides
  • Soya oil
  • Hydrolysed crustaceans
  • Hydrolysed cartilage

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