Dream your ride…

…ride your dream

What is a ? Well, it’s less than a motorcycle (in some ways), but in other ways, it’s so much more. One-wheeled, electric-powered. A machine that has no greater footprint than you do. Capable of operating at speeds up to 10 miles per hour – or as slowly as a casual stroll. The RYNO is transportation, humanized. The first personal mobility device that’s built to connect you to people, not take you away from them. The RYNO lets you mix and mingle into a crowd, naturally.

The RYNO moves in the invisible lines between the roads and sidewalks, urban parks and office elevators. Hotel lobbies, outdoor malls, amusement parks. Take RYNO almost anywhere you can walk.

The RYNO would be a great pacer for a running race. Even though you’ll arrive without a drop of sweat, you still build muscle strength and body awareness. Even Police officers arrive on a scene with less stress and more calm. So skip the shower and arrive refreshed.

With up to 10 miles of travel per charge you could go over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house and back on a single charge.

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