Zurich – New York, there and back. Checking in the evening before is not going to happen. Time is short, just grab new batteries for your mp3 player, and a sandwich and race for the gate. Two simple moves and you’ve converted your case into a kickboard and glide casually past the crowds hurrying in confusion to reach the gate on time. No mistake, you’re the main attraction and you’ve beaten the stress of it all. You then slip your case into the hand luggage compartment on board, easy and simple. A perfect trip thanks to micro luggage.

Luggage that moves with you……. A modular luggage system was the vision.

The result is a conventional hard shell case with cabin-size-dimensions which can also be used as a means transport, thanks to the running board, handlebars and wheels. The modular structure makes it ideal for use as a rucksack, carry bag, trolley and last but not least, as a kickboard with case.

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