Samsung Galaxy K zoom

Samsung Galaxy K zoom

Newly launched at the Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore, the Galaxy K zoom is the latest Samsung smartphone with the power to take mobile photography to an amazing new level. Read on to find out all about it.

Today, we use pictures to share our lives more than ever before. The smartphone is many people’s camera of choice because it’s always ready and on hand to capture it all in a flash. And that’s why the Galaxy K zoom was made: to let you make the most of these moments.

Mobile photography at its best

Unlike conventional smartphones, the Galaxy K zoom offers 10x optical zoom to get you closer to the action – just like a compact camera. But you don’t sacrifice any convenience or portability, because this zoom lens retracts neatly into the Galaxy K zoom when you’re not using it. When you want to use it as a phone, it’s slim and sleek like a smartphone should be.

With a large 20.7 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, the Galaxy K zoom also lets you capture all the detail you need. The sensor is 1.8 times bigger than a typical smartphone sensor and is backside-illuminated so it collects more light and takes better pictures in dimly-lit conditions. The big sensor also gives you images with a higher dynamic range and better separation of foreground and background.

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