ScatterMek-49 “Bigfoot” Rapid-fire Rubber Band Scatter Gun

ScatterMek-49 “Bigfoot” Rapid-fire Rubber Band Scatter Gun

The ScatterMek-49 “Bigfoot” is again available from Rubbergunner!

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This gun will now be hand manufactured on a per-order basis, so it may take a couple of extra days after your order is placed before before it ships.

The ScatterMek-49 is a compact and maneuverable rubber band gun design that traces its lineage back to blacked-out-basement rubber band gun wars of yesteryear.

Lovingly hand-crafted of unfinished Baltic Birch and Maple, the point of this rubber band gun is to unleash an unholy storm of rubber bands upon the object of your contempt—49 rubber bands down range in under a second is possible! Conservation of ammo is an option as well. Using size 16 rubber bands, the gun can fire seven scatter bursts of seven rubber bands each. Using size 32 rubber bands (a heavier, longer range gauge), you get seven scatter-bursts of three rubber bands each.

The unique trigger system of the ScatterMek-49 allows scatter bursts to be fired one at a time or in rapid succession. The operator has complete control over the rate of fire! Scatter spread is customizable too. Depending on how you load, you can send multiple rubber bands at the same point, or have them cover up to a five foot area at twenty-five feet away.

Using a sweeping motion while successively discharging multiple scatter bursts, you can blanket an entire room with rubber bands in short order!

The ScatterMek-49 “Bigfoot” ships complete with instructions and a supply of both size 16 and size 32 rubber bands.

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