The Scentee Smartphone Aroma Diffuser is your own personal and portable air-freshener that plugs neatly into the headphone socket of your smartphone. Just choose from one of 5 delicious scent cartridges and sync it up with the free app to unlock an exciting world of pungent possibilities. 

You can choose the interval between sprays as well as the length of time it sprays for:

  • Mid-morning pick-me-up? Just a cheeky squirt perhaps.
  • Sharing a tender moment of passion with a loved one? Treat yourself to a longer spritz and bask in the sweet, romantic ambiance.
  • Some selfish pig gobbling down their Thai curry on the train? Instantly clear the air with a hearty fragrant blast.

It also has a ring of customizable LED lights so you can add a splash of colour to your newly-scented environment. But best of all, you can configure the Scentee so that it emits a pleasant whiff every time you receive a Facebook notification or email. Now that abrasive alarm function can ease you into the day with an invigorating aroma – no bacon yet but there is coffee!

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