Grubby holiday-makers, backpackers and festival goers rejoice – you can now wash your clothes on the go, wherever you like, for free, with theScrubba Portable Washing Machine 

It can wash two days worth of summer clothes in a single load and yet it’slightweight and small enough to slip comfortably into your pocket. No longer do you have to toil away at a dirty campsite sink or fork out your precious change to stand around in a run-down laundrette. Just sling your filthy draws into this spacious rubberised bag, add water and detergent, then seal it up and use the internal flexible washboard covered with plastic scrubbing nodules to gently massage the grime out of your clothes. 

It’s twice as effective as scrubbing by hand but only takes a fraction of the effort; and in just a few minutes of rubbing you can achieve results as good as an actual washing machine – without dragging one around with you.

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