From extreme sports to family outings, the Sony AS30V Action Cam is the perfect partner for capturing and sharing jaw-dropping photos and video. The rugged AS30V is ready for anything.

SteadyShot makes it easy to shoot smoothly even in motion. It suppresses shake and vibration that occur with sports and activities, allowing you to capture action your friends will want to watch.

Enjoy stunning low-light results from the back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor. Designed for Sony’s top cameras, it raises clarity and lowers noise in dark conditions. Sony is the only action camera with lenses by ZEISS, world leader for 100+ years and winner of three Engineering Academy Awards. Full HD resolution for photos and video guarantees that your adventures will look as good later as they did live.

With the Wi-Fi remote function, you can use a smartphone for remote start/stop operation and previews. Or with the wrist-mount Live View remote (sold separately), get the same functions even in the water.

Slim, light, and tough, the Action Cam will never slow you down. Sony designed the Action Cam to be the perfect portable storytelling companion. Weighing only 65g and with a sleek aerodynamic design that cuts wind resistance, the Action Cam always keeps up with you. Wearing gloves? Controls are still easy to use. Want to slip on the supplied protective housing? The Action Cam still records beautifully, and is now waterproof down to 5m.

Capture the wide, wide world of sports. All 170˚ of it. The widest-angle lens available without fisheye distortion, the ZEISS Tessar ultra-wide-angle 170˚ lens lets you record dramatic, panoramic scenes. It’s the perfect way to capture breathtaking views of surf, ski slopes, mountain trials—or even just friends, family and pets enjoying the great outdoors.

With NFC, simply touch devices to connect, with no complex setup for Android devices. With Action Cam plus and Android smartphone, enjoy easy remote control and image and video transfer with Wi-Fi.

Richer storytelling, more realistic sound. Roaring rapids or the sweet silence of powder skiing, the built-in stereo microphone ensures you can capture natural-sounding audio on the spot to accompany your beautiful images and video.

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