Sony Bravia LED HD 1080p 3D Smart Wedge TV, 55″

Sony Bravia LED HD 1080p 3D Smart Wedge TV, 55″

The Sony W95 TV is a perfect blend of picture, sound and design. With a Full HD screen and advanced Dynamic Range technology, this television will bring your TV programmes, films and games to life like never before. The innovative wedge shape isn’t just for show – not only does it save on space, it also enhances the W95’s sound output thanks to the placement of a unique long duct speaker.

This TV is Smart too, so you can connect to a world of online entertainment. Browse the internet, watch YouTube, enjoy catch up TV and play games all from the comfort of your armchair.

Superior picture quality
1080p with higher peaks and deeper blacks. X-tended Dynamic Range means the screen of the W95 is twice as bright as a conventional LED TV. The Triluminos display also makes for a wider, more realistic range of colours in everything you watch.

Wedge design
Sony’s daring wedge design allows for a low centre of gravity perfect for smaller, space-saving stands. The wider base has provided room for a powerful, integrated long duct speaker as well.

Driving sound
Add impact to everything you hear. A Long Duct speaker has a pipe-like structure that delivers pure sound. Bass is punchier too and you can even place an optional wireless subwoofer anywhere in your living room (available separately).

Twitter, Skype & more
Get social on your TV screen and follow tweets about what you’re watching. Try it for matches and other big events: talk to friends and family on Skype with the built-in Full HD camera as the action unfolds. Echo cancelling means you’ll hear every bit of the conversation.

For sports fans…
Experience a stadium atmosphere in your own living room. Live Football Mode automatically adjusts the sound settings so the roar of the crowd is loud and clear. You can also browse football videos from YouTube and the FIFA sites with ease.

Touchpad remote
The supplied One-Flick remote will bring complete ease-of-use to the W95 with its responsive touchpad and intuitive interface. Navigate guides, change channels and more with just the flick of a finger.

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