• Sounds amazing… sorry
  • Inbuilt speaker can be heard, but not seen (or felt)
  • Two versions available

Struggling to sleep over the sound of snoring? Traffic tormenting your dream time? Well rest assured that the Sound Asleep Pillow will cushion your weary head, and lull you to sleep with it’s ingenious sunken speaker system.

Simply plug your music source (iPod, radio, TV out) into the pillow’s 3.5mm stereo socket and let the tunes take over. With it’s inbuilt soft-speaker, bedmates will be none the wiser (unless you start singing along and drumming on the mattress).

Sound Asleep PillowMemory Foam and Original Sound Asleep Pillows

Buried deep inside the pillow’s cosy hollow fibre or memory foam interior (depending on the model you choose), the speaker can be heard but not seen (or felt). It’s just like having a plump pillow with a quality speaker hidden inside. Actually it’s exactly like that.

Brilliant for watching TV in bed, the Sound Asleep can also be used in planes. trains and automobiles, and is ideal for audiobooks, self-help guff and language courses. Comprende? On a more serious note, tinnitus sufferers can use the pillow to create background noise, which can help them fall asleep.

Sounds amazing.

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