• Now twice as fast, with speeds of up to 2 metres per second!
  • 3x brighter than before, glows in millions of colour combinations
  • Waterproof, dirt proof and shock proof
  • Nubby cover accessory protects your Sphero from knocks and falls
  • Bluetooth connectivity up to 30 metres, let it roll free
  • Can travel across water, cannot heal the sick (yet)

Sphero 2.0 makes a triumphant return and this time the world’s first robotic ball is twice as fast, three times brighter and even more durable than ever before.

The newly included pair of ramps truly sets the tone for this reinvigorated high-octane beast – take it outside and create your own treacherous obstacle courses, race it at a blistering 2 metres per second, even send it swimming across lakes. Forget rickety remote control cars, this is your very owntenacious stunt ball and with an incredible 30m wireless range the world is your playground.

Shroud your Sphero inside one of the protective Nubby Covers (available separately in three eye-catching colours) and it becomes an altogether more rugged creature with even greater traction, ready to take on all sorts of terrain.

Pair it up the with your IOS or Android device via Bluetooth then use any of the 25 (and growing) compatible Apps to really bring this agile glowing orb to life and uncover fun new challenges. Golf games, racing games, party games, augmented reality games – there is something for everyone.

When you’ve finished playing just pop the Sphero back in its hassle-free induction cradle to charge and in a matter of hours it’ll be ready for its next adventure. All great things evolve and this time it’s a whole new ball game.

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