Squirrel Wall Light

Squirrel Wall Light

The grey squirrel is yet another display of the devastation caused by humans introducing an alien species to our already sensitive ecosystem.

Grey squirrels were introduced into England during the 19th Century. They were originally released into parks mainly for the novelty factor for wealthy Victorians who would enjoy watching and feeding the characterful critters. Even today people visit London?s parks just to feed the vivacious squirrels.

However they are regularly culled by the Forestry Commission and private land owners in an effort to regain some natural balance.

Alex Randall an award-winning designer took it upon herself to make use of the waste from these culls to preserve the character of the enchanting wildlife of Britain.

Imagine owning your own scurry of grey squirrels- please enquire for discounts on orders of three or more of these little critters.

Lampshades included in this design can be customised by your choice of fabric and wire colour and designs, please refer to our design guide.

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