Steakstones Sizzling Sharing Plate

Steakstones Sizzling Sharing Plate

Unashamedly simple for those who like their steak cooked exactly as they like and piping hot right up to the last delicious bite.

The SteakStones Sharing Plate allows you to present food to be cooked live at the table, indoors or out. Whether it’s a full steak and chips for one, or a platter of meat, fish or vegetables for two or more to share, you’ll enjoy every mouthful cooked exactly as you like and piping hot right up until the last delicious bite. The stone can be used in place of or in conjunction with your barbecue, to cook from the off and ensure you get your food cooked beautifully with no risk of burning. Additionally, the stone can be used as a chopping board or to present all manner of foods and can be served sizzling hot, freezing cold, or anywhere in between.

Your SteakStones can be used at any temperature, from sizzling hot to freezing cold, and will cook or keep your food at the intended temperature longer than any other method. For a sizzling heat your SteakStones Lava Stone needs heating to between 280-330 degrees C, depending on the heat you wish to serve at. For thinner or more delicate cuts such as Tuna 280c may be sufficient, but for deeper cuts such as Fillet Steak, you will achieve slightly more sizzle at a higher temperature. The stone will only take in the maximum heat of the chosen method and timings are approximately 40 mins in an oven, 30 mins under the grill or 20-30 mins on a gas or electric hob. SteakStones will only work on an induction hob with a heat transfer plate. You can also heat the stone on your barbecue and then transfer to the platter to ensure your meal stays piping hot. We strongly recommend a pair of SteakStones Oven Gloves are purchased alongside this product to ensure safe handling of the stones.

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