Struthers for Morgan Watch

Struthers for Morgan Watch

British independent family run manufacturers Morgan Motor Company and Struthers London have collaborated on two bespoke limited edition wrist watches. Individually hand crafted by watchmakers Craig and Rebecca Struthers, these watches have been created to honour Morgan’s design ethics and company heritage.

Heavily inspired by the traditional trench style popular when the first Morgan cars hit the road back in 1910, SfM watches share the same “old meets new” instant classic appeal as the cars, benefiting in exactly the same way from the retrospect of 21st century design.

The leather cuff strap is another feature popular from the early days of the car. Originally designed for their easy changeability on fixed lug watches, they feature the added bonus of raising the watch slightly off the wrist giving extra clearance and allowing for a larger case diameter whilst increasing hand flexibility and comfort. This additional room allows gear change without the winding crown making contact with the back of the hand.

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