The Smokehouse Hamper

The Smokehouse Hamper

It’s hard to truly appreciate quite how much a delicacy professionally smoked salmon or meat is until you’ve tasted it for yourself. This hamper will allow you to taste the gorgeous smokey flavour that others know and love.

This hamper brings four packs of exceptional meat and fish from some of the most respected Scottish smokehouses: St. James Whisky & Honey Salmon and Scotch Reserve Smoked Salmon – both award winning – plus luxurious Cold Smoked beef and Wild Scottish Smoked Venison.

Accompanying this trove is a series of perfectly chosen accompaniments: Smoked Cheese from The Island of Arran, jars of pickle and Inverness Sauce, and Duncan’s own Family Recipe Oatcakes. All in all, a heartily packaged hamper for one who looks for satisfaction, not just sustenance, in their Scottish meat. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to huge demand, a few items are temporarily unavailable so an extra packet of Cold Smoked Beef, and a packet of Dry Cured Scottish Venison, temporarily replace the Smoked Salmon, and the Whisky and Honey Smoked Salmon, shown in the photoigraph, while Port Wine Jelly replaces the Inverness Sauce. 

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