Like it or not, babies get snotty noses. Really horrible snotty noses. But it’ll be quite some time before they’re politely puffing into a tissue; so before they start helplessly inflating large snot bubbles and having breathing difficulties, it’s up to you to intervene. 

Until now there have only been three options open to you:

  • Try in vain to teach them how to blow their nose
  • Use expensive and highly ineffective nasal drops
  • Put your mouth over their nose, suck the mucus out yourself and struggle not to vomit immediately

Now there’s an infinitely better solution – The Snot Sucker

Just place its large tube up against the child’s nostril to create a comfortable seal and then suck. Simple. It’s 100% hygienic and the included filter means that you won’t accidentally inhale a mouthful of their delicious mucus. 

Non-allergeniclatex-freePA-free and phthalate-free, it’s by far the safest and quickest way to relieve your child from their snotty nasal turmoil. It’s also just a wondrous theatrical spectacle to behold.

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