Tumi Fino rollable / foldable Panama hat fair trade, hand woven in Ecuador

Tumi Fino rollable / foldable Panama hat fair trade, hand woven in Ecuador

Our genuine Panama hat is hand woven and fairly traded in Ecuador. This “Fino” hat has a tighter weave than our standard hat – making it an even more flexible and comfortable fit.

Made from natural “iraca” palm fibre they are amazingly light and breathable.

Panama hats are made and worn all over Latin America, but the traditional panama hat, which has taken its name from the Panama canal, are made in Ecuador. Their flexibility and the fact that you can roll them for traveling, makes them unique!

The sizes are in centimeters and based on the circumference of the head passing across the middle of the forehead. Our sizes go from 54-62cm. Please choose your size when placing your order – we will gladly exchange your hat for a different size if it turns out to be the wrong one. As all our hats are handmade, the brim size varies slightly but it normally measures between 6-7.5cm.

You may also wish to consider our basic Tumi cardboard Panama travel tube or our Tumi balsa wood Panama travel box. If so, just search for them on Amazon.

Tumi was founded in 1978 promoting fair trade crafts and goods from Latin America, working closely with organisations such as Traidcraft and Oxfam Trading. Tumi has worked with our hat makers in Ecuador for many years and ensure that we pay a fair price (set by our partners), good working conditions and a sustainable future for our workers.

Please note that the hat will not be posted rolled up/folded. It will be posted in a box large enough to accommodate it without it being folded. The reason for this is that you should wear a Panama Hat for a few days/week before first rolling it. This allows the hat to adapt to the shape of your head and develop flexibility. Failure to do so will result in damage to the hat and shorten its lifespan.

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