Turquoise ‘Mexicana Calaveras’ Hot Water Bottle

Turquoise ‘Mexicana Calaveras’ Hot Water Bottle

Made using a beautiful limited edition vintage turquoise Mexican sugar skull print this hot water bottle will keep you warm and stylish!

Instead of hot water these bottles use Cherry pits. This is a natural alternative to a hot water bottle. Place the Cherry pit without it’s fancy cover in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. This is very important as the cover has a metal zip. The cherry pits will sweat the first couple of times before they dry out a little.This method is known to hold heat longer than a hot water bottle! Heat will soothe and comfort stiff joints, sore achy muscles and much more. Enjoy!

The cover is made from 90% High Quality Cotton and 10% Molleton and the pits are washed and prepared by hand.

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