Twelve South BookArc Desk Stand for MacBook

Twelve South BookArc Desk Stand for MacBook

BookArc by twelvesouth

Our new BookArc has been redesigned and engineered to make it the ultimate stand for MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with Retina display. Its soft silicone insert is molded to follow the gentle curves of MacBook Pro for a precise fit. So park your MacBook Pro in this stand and watch your laptop become the ultimate desktop. BookArc is designed exclusively for the MacBook Pro (unibody) and MacBook Pro with Retina display.

Zen-like workspace.
Compared to your MacBook Pro lying flat on your desk, BookArc for MacBook Pro takes up a fraction of the space…giving your workspace a clean, less cluttered look. And soft silicone feet provide sturdy footing that won’t leave marks on your desk.

Hidden cable management system.
Underneath BookArc for MacBook Pro are two hidden cable managers that prevent your monitor, USB, and power cables from slipping to the floor when you unplug your MacBook Pro. The new BookArc for MacBook Pro also ships with an insert custom made for MacBook Pro with Retina display.

BookArc can help boost productivity.
Did you know you can work with your MacBook Pro closed when connected to an external monitor? You can. Using your MacBook in Closed-Clamshell Mode in a BookArc can also give your MacBook a performance boost, compared to a dual-monitor setup. How? When you close your MacBook, your system automatically dedicates 100% of its video memory to the external display rather than splitting it with the built-in display.

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