Veho Vecto Speaker & Charger

Veho Vecto Speaker & Charger

Outdoor speakers are a bit of an enigma. They never quite seem to live up to the expectation. Either the battery life is terrible, they churn out laughably bad sound quality or they just pack it in as soon as they’re exposed to even a single drop of rain. Well, allow us to introduce a genuine game changer to this gloomy world of portable speaker mediocrity – the Veho Vecto Speaker & Charger.

With a rugged water-resistant and shock-proof chassis, this portable beast is designed to stand up to even the most reckless outdoor activities. Dual acoustic drivers coupled with two powerful speakers deliver a vast audio spectrum that is anything but tinny and it won’t crackle as soon as you raise the volume either! So just pair up your wireless Bluetooth device (or connect via the included 3.5mm cable) and prepare to enjoy some quality music on the go. There’s even a cheeky microSD slot so you can load up a card full of mp3s instead of taking your precious mp3 player out into the field.

Inside the chiselled and robust exterior lies a mighty battery that has the stamina to blast out your tunes for the whole day (16 hours wireless or 20 hours wired). This 6000mAh behemoth can also be used to charge your smartphone over 4 times or top up your other USB charged devices (cameras, satnav, tablets etc.) when you’re away from mains power.

Camping under the stars with your best mates? Party in the park? Lazing by the pool? – these moments deserve their own soundtrack, so what are you waiting for?

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