Vitamix® Pro500 Blender

Vitamix® Pro500 Blender

Offering a number of culinary tasks, the Vitamix® 010253 Pro500 moves beyond a kitchen luxury to an everyday necessity. Achieve gourmet results with amazing speed, and unlock the potential of every ingredient!

  • Create delicious healthy ice cream in only 30 seconds
  • Cook steaming hot soup from fresh vegetables in under 5 minutes
  • Blend fresh fruits and vegetables into tasty, fibre-rich whole food juice in 1 minute
  • Dice chop or blend ingredients into healthy, preservative-free salsas and dips
  • Grind whole grains into nutritious flours in minutes

Three pre-programmed settings allow you to create hundreds of recipes with a turn of the dial, while variable speed control and a pulse function encourage flexibility and creativity.

This blender is powerful too – the blade tip speed reaches up to 386 kilometres per hour – so even the toughest ingredients will be smoothly blended! Plus, if you use the unique tamper to process thick ingredients it will prevent air pockets from forming.

A brushed stainless steel finish ensures this blender looks great on your worktop, and a metal-to-metal coupling between the container and base ensures maximum durability and long life.

Its shatterproof container gives you 2 litres to experiment with and is specially designed to create a powerful vortex for thorough processing. You can easily add contents while blending too thanks to the removable lid plug on the spill-proof lid.

Boasting an easy-grip handle and soft-touch controls, this blender is ergonomically designed for comfort and control. An indicator light lets you know when a pre-programmed cycle is coming to an end. Finally a start-up DVD and recipe book provide you with over 300 signature recipes from gourmet chefs – so you can get started immediately!

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