No one particularly enjoys weighing themselves, it’s either a mildly pleasant surprise or a horrific and saddening revelation. Well, if you think that keeping healthy is all about watching your weight then you’ve never stepped onto theWithings Smart Body Analyser WiFi Scales.

Accurately measuring weightbody fatheart-rateair quality and even theambient temperature – just sync these beautifully sleek scales with your smartphone and you can easily track your day-to-day progress, stay motivated and make the right lifestyle choices to achieve your goals. All of that rich bodily data is then presented as clear visual graphics so you can see your improvements at a glance.

Now you can keep a watchful eye on your resting heart rate and body-mass-index, both of which are much more useful indicators of your overall health and fitness than just weight alone. Actually “see the invisible” as Withingsmonitors the air quality of your indoor environment every 30 minutes. Is your bedroom too hot or cold? Are there unhealthy levels of co2 in your bathroom? These unnoticed extremes can affect your sleep patterns and give you headaches, so perhaps it’s time you opened a window (or closed one).

Who thought weighing could be fun for the whole darn family? Withings canrecognize up to 8 users, with each of them having their own private user profile they can access independently. Just step on it and you’ll feel like you’ve instantly got a team of full-time fitness coaches at your disposal.

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