Wooden toy camera – With interchangeable lenses

Wooden toy camera – With interchangeable lenses

This toy camera has interchangeable lenses which are held in place by embedded magnets, all you need to do is pull one lens out and when you put the other one in it will click into place. You can see how it works in this video:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDBkt9GY0QU (you will need to copy and paste the link, sorry)
The Camera is about 55mm (2.15″) high and 94mm (3.7″) wide.

Children have amazing imaginations and we hope this camera with be a tactile and enduring toy that will be enjoyed for a long time and even passed on – this camera should last for generations.

The camera and lenses are made from Cypress pine, a honey coloured aromatic timber. There may be knotholes or cracks in the wood but we feel that is part of the charm of using a natural material where every piece is unique. Over time there may be slight movement in the wood but this is part of using a natural material like wood. Only non-toxic materials have been used make these cameras, from the glue to the natural beeswax finish (that is also used for finishing salad bowls). This listing is for one camera body with two lenses and comes packed in a drawstring pouch.

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