World’s Hottest Chilli Powders In A Matchbox

World’s Hottest Chilli Powders In A Matchbox

Something so strong in something so small…

Four bottles of the world’s hottest chilli powders in a matchbox.

This explosive box contains some of the hottest chilli powders ever tested, including current world champion Scorpion Moruga (2,000,000 SHU), a former world hottest Butch T (1,500,000 SHU), the legendary 7 Pot (1,300,000 SHU), and the ten minute burner Ghost powder (1,000,000 SHU). Each one is beautifully presented in a corked glass bottle.

The box also includes four fun chilli fact cards and a limited edition super hot collector’s card. This all comes perfectly packaged in a standard sized matchbox.

An ideal gift for chilli lovers who want to take their chilli experience to the next level, or hardcore fanatics who want to show off their chilli prowess.

This product will fit through a standard sized letter box.

made from:

Extreme heat chilli powder. Each bottle contains approx. 0.8 grams of chilli powder.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Not for under 16s.

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