Wüsthof Knife-Sharpener – 4346

Wüsthof Knife-Sharpener – 4346

Two Stage Knife Sharpener

1. Stage (coarse): Diamond rods to sharpen the edge in case of a dull knife.

2. Stage (fine): Ceramic rods for regular honing of the edge and to finish the edge after using the 1. stage.

Can also be used for serrated knives. Only use the second stage here and apply pressure lightly when drawing the knife through this opening.


Insert the knife with the end of the blade between the diamond or ceramic rods. Keep the knife straight and pull it through the slot from heel to tip. Apply light pressure. Repeat the action until the knife is sharp.

Scissor Sharpener

Insert the scissors into the centre slot. Push the scissors from tip to handle. Repeat this action until scissors are sharp.


Always rest your sharpener on a flat, sturdy surface and use the handle for stability and control during sharpening. Care: Always clean the sharpener after use and dry before storing. Clean with a damp cloth.

Do not rinse with water.

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