Reading about yourself is, let’s face it, the most interesting thing in the world. And when the book you’re starring is a racy romp through exotic locations with the object of your wildest desires, suddenly the printed page becomes even more captivating. So You Star Novels have invented a – ahem – novel concept in literature: a series of naughty books where you’re the main character, embroiled in a tempestuous romance with your favourite partner.

By simply entering your details on an ordering form, your appearance in a bonafide work of romantic fiction is assured. Everything down to hair coloureyes and even yourfavourite kind of underwear features in a bespoke narrative that’s designed to tingle your imagination with a flurry of rollicking scenes and dramatic incidents.

You Star Novel: Indecent Italy You Star Novel: Safari Nights You Star Novel: Fever in France
SaucyIndecent Italy: The love scenes are fun and romantic with suggestive language. SteamySafari Nights: The love scenes are fun, racy and romantic with much more descriptive language. HotFever in France: The love scenes are highly explicit, graphic and sexual.

Choose from five different novels to begin your fictional career, each with a varying depth of sexy content. Indecent in Italy, a romantic and fun tale where the starring couple rekindle their lost mojo against a backdrop of Latin beauty; Safari Nights, which takes you on a dangerous journey into the wilds of Africa in a lustful epic of thrilling adventure and vivid sex scenes; andFever in France, a rousing romp through the Riviera that’s oozing with sexual tension, explicit love play and gripping twists.

You Star Novel: English Encounters You Star Novel: English Encounters You Star Novel: Amsterdam Lessons
HotNEW: Blood Lust: The love scenes are highly explicit, graphic and sexual. Very FireyEnglish Encounters: The book has an erotic theme and very explicit love scenes. Very FireyAmsterdam Lessons: The book has an erotic theme and very explicit love scenes.

Amsterdam Lessons, is the tale of a couple who go away for a romantic weekend and have a chance meeting with a mysterious and glamorous couple who introduce them to an intoxicating world where their only pursuit is pleasure! Finally the Brighton based story, English Encounters, is the tale of a couple who embark on an intensely exciting role-playing game which pushes them to do new and daring things and lose their inhibitions. Blood Lust sees our leading couple accidently drawn into the mysterious vampire underworld with a thirst for blood, but will they do whatever it takes to escape or decide to succumb forever?

A couple reading the You Star NovelSpice up your love life!

Simple to set up and devastatingly effective, You Star Novels are just the thing for injecting a bit of spice into your love life and work just as well with couples as they do with humble star-worshippers desperate to imagine themselves locked in a loving embrace with their Gisele Bundchen or George Clooney. Books have never seemed quite so relevant.

So if you’ve ever wondered how to make your fantasies real, here’s a handy answer – you’ll be blown away by the experience and left wondering if the real thing could ever be as good as the book! Order yours now and put yourself right in the action of a seething love story – the only way it won’t get you hot under the collar is if you’re using it as a fan…

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