Are you tired of taking flat, lifeless 2D images that don’t quite do justice to the actual moments you’re trying to capture? The Poppy 3D transforms your iPhone into an impressive three-dimensional camera and viewer, so you can record and share your experiences as they are really are. Just install the free iPhone app, slide your phone into this slightly retro-looking device and you’re ready to go. 

Poppy uses a series of perfectly-positioned mirrors and lenses to capture photos and video from two slightly different perspectives. When you look into the viewfinder, your eyes see two different images and your brain seamlessly merges them together into one striking 3D picture

No longer do you have to settle for regular 2D images, with Poppy you can show your friends just how high up you were, or how close you got to that bumble bee or how long that hot dog was. We all experience life in three glorious dimensions and now you can share your experiences in this immersive new medium.

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