Postman Eclair leather bag

Postman Eclair leather bag

A sharp design for men 

Designed for urban life and to carry laptops and iPads, the Jules plumber leather bag is inspired by the original french plumbers bag and has all the key features of the original bag: overlapping stitching, removable handles, straps, brass buckles, leather shoulder strap with a belt finish and felt shoulder pad lining.

A celebration of skills and craftsmanship, each Postman Eclair bag by Bleu de Chauffe is a work of art and bears a fabric label inside, signed and dated by the Artisan who sewed and made the bag.

With its sharp design and high-quality organic leather, the Postman Eclair leather bag is a bag that you will get for its practicality and will love for its details and high quality.


• Inside pockets are made of blue cotton fabric like the original work wear called “Bleu de Chauffe” in France hence the brand name…

• The felt from the shoulder pad is made of natural wool and altered in a factory that has specialized in felt for pianos since 1923

• Buckles, rings & other metallic pieces are made of brass and manufactured by craftsmen in a Parisian workshop founded in 1830 near le Canal St Martin (cool area to hang out if you’re in Paris)

• The organic leather is from the Limousin (SW France) and naturally dyed with mimosa, chestnut and acacia

• Cutting, fabrication & stitching are handmade by qualified craftsmen known for their skills, experience and expertise.

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